"Receiving you as my attorney was one way of receiving blessings from God.  I feel inspired with your great support and the way you handle your things.  Am very, very happy indeed."   (CME- Kampala)

"WEBALE NYO WEBALIRE DALA,MUKAMA AKUDIZEWO.  My whole family is very happy, but my wife is extremely happy about you, regarding my health, I have realized tremendous improvement and now with the money, I hope I will get all the full medical treatment I now need." (CKE - Kampala)

"Every time I think of you and how you have been there for me through the hard times, I thank the good Lord for your life.  Thank you for being an Angel in a world devoid of love and true compassion.  Thank you for being the light at the end of my tunnel, and thank you for your encouragement and care." (JRA - Kampala)

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